Looking to Earn an Income from your North Cyprus Property?……

Here at Fraser Properties we receive daily requests for long term rental properties and despite the fact that we run a successful rentals business already, we always need more, good quality properties on our books! Would you believe that we have a list of people who are waiting for a home and who are desperate to move to North Cyprus for that initial ‘taste it and see’ trial period.

Amongst many of our customers looking to find a rental property in North Cyprus are Europeans who really want to have the best their money can buy – good quality, well furnished and appointed 3 or 4 bedroom villas with private pools and gardens – a good quality property can command between £700-£800 per month, meaning a great income stream for you as a landlord.

If you do not plan to visit your home in Northern Cyprus for the foreseeable future, or you have or are thinking of, buying a property as an investment, then the returns can be extremely rewarding, as you will more likely find that it would be snapped up before you had a chance to market it properly, such is the demand currently.

There are also many young working professionals coming to work in Northern Cyprus – take international giant Vodafone for example, who are investing in the Telsim mobile network – CEO’s, Senior Personnel Managers amongst other managerial staff are knocking on our doors on a daily basis, looking for a rental property which fits their requirements.

There are many stories of students using people’s properties as a halfway house, leaving property owners with headaches after they have left, having not paid their bills and causing damage. Well, whilst this has sadly sometimes been the case, there are equally, if not many more people who would take great care of your home whilst trying out North Cyprus to see if it is the place for them to relocate too, whether to retire or just to experience a change in their lives. You do have a choice about who you want to live in your home, so maybe it’s time to think again!

It needn’t be the nightmare you imagine, but can be a satisfying achievement on a monthly basis. You can sit back and let the money come to you, whilst feeling happy that Fraser Properties are looking after your home. We actually do realise that a property is sometimes a very personal asset to have and therefore we know who you would like to have living in your home should you make the decision to rent it.

Fraser Properties can provide a full rentals service, whether it be a full on management role, managing your property from marketing through to maintenance, or just finding you that ideal tenant. If you would like further information on our services and charges then please just drop us an email to rentals@frasermeridies.com and we will get straight back to you.

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