Talks on Orams Case

The Presidential Spokesman Hasan Ercakica has said that the judgment of the European Court of Justice will have an adverse effect on both the TRNC’s economy as well as the ongoing negotiations process.

He, however, said that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which he added possessed political and legal tools, will be able to minimize the affects of the judgment through economic measures.

Evaluating the ECJ’s decision on the Orams Case at his weekly press briefing, Ercakica reminded that the European Court of Justice decision was of an interpretive nature and was not a verdict.

He however added that the judgment will have a negative affect on the ongoing talks to reach a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus.

The Presidential Spokesman said that President Mehmet Ali Talat will be meeting with representatives of political parties tomorrow to evaluate the court’s ruling.

Asked about what kind of negative affects the judgment could have on the process, Ercakica said that this would become clear as the process moved forward.

Describing the British Foreign Office’s statement on the issue before the judgment was announced as a zealous act, the Presidential Spokesman said that it was too early to jump to any conclusions as the matter could still be taken to the House of Lords.

Warning that the economy too could be negatively affected from the developments, the Presidential Spokesman however said that any difficulties confronted could be overcome by taking various measures.

Asked whether the principle of bi-zonality was under threat, Ercakica said that this principle was something determined and agreed to by the two leaders.

“In light of the recent developments concerning the Orams case the two leaders may need to re-discuss what they understand of the principle of bi-zonality or whether or not a common understanding on the principle still exists. There is good possibility the two will do so in the near future” he replied.

Responding to another question as to whether or not President Mehmet Ali Talat would leave the negotiating table if there is any disagreement on bi-zonality, the Presidential Spokesman said that time will show the future of the talks.

“Saying that the talks are over would not be right but I can say for sure that serious difficulties will be experienced” he said.

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